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Natural slate for façade is back !

Dear Readers,

This month I would like to point out that during my last trips around Europe, I have noticed that the Natural Slate for Façade is back !

The use of natural roofing slate for Façade has been proved for decades in Germany, France and in the US among others. The piece of slate for façade is the same than for roofing.
Today, thanks to a new generation of architects and designers, natural roofing slate façade has been revisited. The properties and beauty of the slate stay the same but the design is changing.  It can be adapted to any new comercial and residential construction as well as reformations and extensions.

Natural roofing slate façade is better value than other well recognised cladding materials such as Bricks, Cement, Natural Stone, Wood or Ceedar shingles. It doesn´t need maintenance and will never be repainted. The color and the texture last 100 years +.

Regarding instalation, you can choose Nails, Hooks or the QWIK slate system. It is the perfect match for slate façade and it is made in Vermont !

For more information you can check page 229-230 of the National Slate Association roofs manual or click

be slate, be façade and don´t forget … be natural !  

Sourse : be natural® - 30-11-15

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