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be natural® in Vermont (USA)

This month I have visited Vermont or I should say my second home !

Recently my wife asked me if I had a girlfriend in the Green Mountain State... I said yes... Her name is SLATE ! 

It can look very sad indeed except if the Slate business brings you friends, experience and happiness - which is my case by the way. 

Exchanging ideas and sharing diners with friends is a real gift.

See enclosed picture of my "girlfriend(s)":

So in Vermont I have found the perfect place to hide myself when I am supposed to work. The place is a bar-restaurant looked after by our friend DG, close to the Slate Valley Museum. A great place for a fresh cold beer after work and the perfect excuse when somebody rings you asking: "where are you Julian" the perfect answer is "At the QUARRY !" Naturally.

You would have noticed the spectacular and unique red slate from USA on the façade - available at

So special thank you to Bob & Jane, to Brian, Pete, Jeff, Clay & Chris, Dave, DG, Micky, and thinking of our friend, Jon who we know will come back soon and strong.

Last but not least, I take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an happy new year 2017'

be good amigos, be nice and be natural !

Source : be natural - December 2016



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